When a compound contains an iron or steel, it starts approaching into contact with water and oxygen, a red-brown color naturally forms, which is called oxidation. If it is not treated, this option spreads very quickly and affects the appearance of our car, which later begins by leaving small tasks in several places like the bottom of the doors or under the vehicle. 

In the long run, rust eventually destroys the metal in depth by eating it and causing holes in many places. This degradation can dangerously weaken the structure of the car and thus make it much less safe for the driver and passengers.

Rusting procedure attacks metals and destroys the appearance of our vehicles. Unfortunately, no car is spared by this natural phenomenon, Even less in the winter when salt, humidity, and precipitation come into play. To prevent your vehicle from losing value and suffering the effect of this corrosion, it is possible to make a rust proof treatment with our biodegradable corrosion protection spray.

Corrosion protection for car engine

Below some biodegradable corrosion protection spray for your car engine:


WD-40 Specialist Rust Remover

This excellent product works by immersion and quickly dissolves the oxide without affecting the parts of the environment of the pieces such as cuts, joints, or paints. The WD-40 Specialist is a corrosion prevention spray that restores the surfaces to the underlying metal, without causing scratches, chips or without the need to rub hard. This remover handles a non-toxic and biodegradable, acid-free formula, very useful in small and large parts that can be soaked. It is ideal for use in nuts, bolts, and tools that can be immersed in the product.

This excellent product can be applied in:

  • Car restoration.
  • Antiques.
  • Agricultural equipment and implements.
  • Trailers and drag shots.
  • Rusty tools as a hombre solo, pliers, hammers and other similar, non - electric.
  • Metal parts and parts
  • Advantages of the Remover.
Custom Corrosion Protection Sprayer

Sisbrill Protector – Protection Oxide and Corrosion 

This Rust prevention acts by protecting metals and alloys against oxidation. Form a waxy film around the treated piece, sealing and protecting against the moisture and oxidation, achieving long-lasting protection. Its protection comes even in adverse climates, such as the presence of water, humidity, or in saline environments.

  • Protection against rust and metal degradation.
  • Immediate protection and easy application.
  • Select for settings with water, wet or saline.

Tectyl Valvoline 

The Tectyl product range also includes soundproofing products called  Tectyl V-damp, which is a line of viscoelastic and pulverizable liquid sound absorbers with applications in various industries where metal vibrations need to be reduced. Whether sound damping or anti-corrosion, Tectyl is a world-renowned brand in industries.


Tectyl bio cleaner water-based cleaner and degreaser (biodegradable)

The Biocleaner is used to remove Tectyl anticorrosive coatings; it is also used to clean and degrease, without rubbing, all oils and fats (mineral, vegetable, and animal), waxes, pigments, inks, nicotine, fungi and all others Contamination present in all types of metals, plastics, rubber, and cement.

  • Tectyl Biocleaner leaves the surface clean and smooth.
  • Being highly concentrated, Tectyl Biocleaner is economical in use.
  • Widely applicable, Tectyl Biocleaner can be used in high-pressure cleaning, tank cleaning, and floor scrubbing.

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