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Corrosion protection for car engine

Our Story

One of the premier chemists in the USA worked for over 2 years on this project. He had already developed a transmission fluid that helped save one of the largest transmission manufacturers in the country.

AP goes on clear with a light tack. It takes very little and is the easiest to apply. It does not have the dripping mess and smell of our “competitors”. There are no solvents, so no issue as far as spraying hoses etc. (An entire engine compartment can be sprayed in seconds…see video). 

Soap, hot water and elbow grease will remove it, rainwater will not. Because it takes less material to apply and that it lasts longer (fewer applications) it provides the best value in a corrosion protection coating.

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Money Back Guarantee

After trying out our aerosol on your application,

if you are not convinced that this is the best coating on the market,

We will gladly return your cost of the can as well as any freight you may have paid.

Your skepticism is welcomed here.


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